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* Constitutional Adherence

* Limited Government & Fiscal Responsibility

* Promotion of the Free Market System

*Respect for All Human Life

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Republican Party of Virginia
2014 Convention

June 7th 2014, Roanoke, VA

Announced Candidates:

Ed Gillespie (R) – Ex-Republican National Chairman & Political Consultant

Shak Hill (R) – Financial Consultant & USAF Veteran

Chuck Moss (R) – Technology Consultant & Computer Engineer

Tony DeTora (R) – Congressional Aide & Aerospace Engineer

Rob Sarvis (Libertarian) – Businessman, Attorney & ’13 Gov. Nominee


The Agenda To Grind America Down!!!


Please use your God given gifts to help save our country and our freedom!


Educate, Motivate, and Activate!

Williamsburg was the Capitol of Virginia during the American Revolution in the 1770’s and where Virginians voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence. 240 years later, it is now a place where Virginians again are voicing opposition to another overreaching government by organizing, and acting, to restore the values upon which this great country was formed.

If you love this country, and the values of our ancestors that made it great, you must realize that it is now being threatened with a transformation that will make it completely different, something it was not meant to be.

If you share these feelings, you can do something to protect what we have and restore the greatness that we once enjoyed as Americans. It was the Founding Fathers and the patriots of their time who sacrificed and held firm to their values. You can be a patriot today by standing up and making your voice heard.

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